Trump: The Man for Our Times?


The name just slams down on the table like ham-fisted boss throwing a boardroom tantrum.

Trump. Blunt, direct and refreshingly belligerent.

Trump. What doesn’t kill Trump, makes Trump stronger. Just like a myth.

Who is to say this Cinnabon-hair styled malcontent can’t be President? His followers are a conflagration of TV fans and grief stricken conservatives who have long felt abandoned and betrayed by their leadership. He is more of an American Idol candidate than President Obama himself was, although Trump has seen a much more vigorous vetting process.

In an age when Hillary Clinton, a woman who has a clinical pathological lying problem,┬ácan be even considered worthy of helming our nation, why not serve up the zaniest offering to compete with her? A joke for a joke I say, though the Donald did not lie about his daughter jogging at the WTC during 9/11 nor has he lied about landing under sniper fire or said he was named after a famous explorer… what difference does it make? All politicians are liars right?

That’s what the American people think… mostly because it’s an easy cop out and they can get back to football, reality shows, zombies, etc… And it explains their eagerness to embrace President Obama. He was a cool liar, a smooth deceiver. Hillary is just a shrill falsehood.

Mitt Romney should have driven Benghazigate right into Obama’s smug face and kicked Joe Biden in the nuts while calling him “Baldy.” Election 2016 would be all about re-electing Romney. Romneycare would be a non-issue as his awesome takedowns would steal the air away from that albatross

That’s what is happening now. The Donald is smashing chairs over heads so fast we can’t keep up with blood coming out of wherever or how “that face” is unfit for the White House. Once an article is written about one outrage, an even better one is firing off with The Donald doubling down and promising fresh outrages to come… and people are lapping it up.

This is yoooge

This is yoooge

In this last decade, we have a History channel that showcases the DaVinci code and Pawnshops. A Discovery channel that showcases aliens, a chopper shop and naked people dropped off in the woods. Something called The Learning Channel that features a fake Long Island psychic, shows about hugely fat people and shows about making cupcakes. All three “educational” networks feature highly produced fake reality shows. Is it any wonder this viewing audience would prefer The Donald to any other candidate?

Only Bernie Sanders threatens Trump’s star power and Sanders is quickly educating The American people about how stupid college makes young people. Your dog and the raccoons outside your house wouldn’t choose socialism if you gave it to them. Evidently, undergrads need four years and mountain of debt to learn this. Trump will only need to let Bernie explain himself and the votes will rain down upon The Donald.

In 2008, America liked Barack Obama, the beautifully voiced cool guy. They didn’t know a damn thing about what he was saying. He was our first reality TV candidate. Over-produced, over-hyped and fake as hell. With Old whitey Bernie Sanders carrying that torch, America will hear those ideas for the first time and reject them. Especially if they can vote for the refreshingly unapologetic, super blunt cool guy. They won’t know a damn thing Trump is talking about… and they won’t care.

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