Fake Quote of Ben Carson

This Ben Carson quote is fake, made by known liars and quote fakers:

“Before Obama, people barely noticed skin color; that goes back 150 years. Blacks were happy and grateful for what we were given.” – Said no human ever.


Many sites like Daily Kos and AZ Quotes feature this fake quote and present it as true.

Ben Carson quote Obama 150 years black happy

This quote is everywhere and it is a lie. Many times it is sourced to Mark Levin’s show with a date of  10/22/14. Ben Carson was not on that broadcast.

Here is Ben Carson on Mark Levin during 5/22/14. The quote never happens.

The source of this is a site that makes fake quotes and hides behind satire, knowing full well users will share their work and pass it off as fact.

(Here is their list of fake quotes and assorted works)

Their disclaimer:

This page is for entertainment purposes. It is NOT meant to be taken seriously. It is primarily satire and parody with a mix of political memes and messages.

They know people believe this stuff and that’s why they write it, just read the sadly mislead people commenting on their facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Fake Quote of Ben Carson

  1. Well of course they know it and find it tactically useful; it’s mockery that tells the truth about an uncle-toming bankers’ whore who is a total idiot outside his narrow range of technical expertise. Tells further truths about the idiocy of African-American alignment with the institutionally racist GOP. No self-respecting human being joins the Nazi Paryt, the KKK, or the GOP, and certainly not any self-respecting African-American. Anyone with sense knows what’s going on; the rest, the majority, are always going to be led; most folks are stupid and affect-motivated anyway, so appeals to reason are useless.

  2. Carlton Shardley says: “institutionally racist GOP”

    You have an example of that institutional racism or are you just pretending that inflicting the last 40+ years of poverty on minorities didn’t happen under Democrats ruling over non-whites?

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