It’s 1981 in America Again

Hello 1981!

We are here again folks.

As left wing protesters gather to assail the new President Trump, America has entered the same nadir it was in during the early 80’s.

Legions of leftists will now haunt America, acting more ridiculous than ever.

“Trump [Reagan] will get us into a nuclear war!”

“Trump [Reagan] is against women!”

“Trump [Reagan] only cares about white people!”

“Trump [Reagan] will make climate change worse… because it only gets really worse when our side wants to get elected again!”

…and on and on.

The good news is that the more ridiculous they act, the less chance they have of recapturing power until 2040.

As for President Trump, we will have to see how that plays out.

As of day one, returning the bust of Churchill is a good start.

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