The Beyhive, Swifty’s Squad and the Probably Racist Grammys

So Beyonce did not get album of the year and suddenly people notice that the Grammys voting structure, which is identical to the DNC’s voting structure, is controlled by old white people.

While it’s true that Beyonce would not do well among the liberal elite, there seems to be some heavy denial going on on both sides.

Let’s first address this “Beyhive” crap.

There has been a fan-base for Bey who acts like a hit-squad every time they believe their  Queen Bey to have been slighted. They even attacked the teenage daughter of Rachel Roy.

A 35 year old woman should not be allowing this to happen in her name, especially in the light of the many articles attacking the much younger Taylor Swift for having a “squad.” The ridicule of Taylor’s squad of girlfriends, who have never publicly attacked any teenagers, stands in stark contrast to the passivity regarding the angry Beyhive. Where are equal condemnations for having an actual attack squad?

They don’t exist because Taylor Swift is also a favorite target of so-called Social Justice Warriors who constantly condemn her for her white privilege.  In one article, they actually cite her “strategy” of playing the victim, which is pretty much how the democrat party ran 2016.

Getting back to the Grammys, Victor Willis, of the Village People, slammed the voting process as secretive and an abuse of power. It’s hard to say he is wrong, as the Grammys have installed a super delegate system to override their actual voters, just like the democrat party has.

The Grammys are condemned as old, white and … liberal. These people are left-wing liberals. They don’t want to hear from their voters, they want to tell the masses what they think is right and they want those peasants to drink it down.

Can some of these leftists get to work on that stupid super delegate system they have now? Or are we going to ignore that it’s the same as the Grammys?

So did  Beyonce get burned? The structure for such a thing is in place but the reality is… no. It doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have whited her out, we shouldn’t put it past them. There was just no contest this time.

It’s time to face the reality that Grammys are about singing first and foremost. So Adele has it all over every body.

It’s also time to face that Beyonce’s half-time show and “Formation” song are anti-white and anti-police. Who are the hater “albino alligators” again? Spare us your pretentious interpretations.

The lyrics are not all that either. Going on about baby-bama Texas-bama mama Louisiana, whatever-the-hell is not going to cut it up against an actual writer. Amy Schumer and some friends did a tribute to this spectacle and got attacked… for being racist… by the Beyhive. Please, that video is ripe for parody but comedians fear the wrath of being called “racist” so nobody is allowed to have fun with this.

In the video… what the hell was going on with her neck? There is on part where she is amazingly dressed with some dudes and they are southern gothic to the hilt. She looks amazing and so do the men and then… what is happening there?

The hat was cool. It won best video so that can’t be attacked as a racist conspiracy. Don’t dare to speak critically about it though. Even Carlos Santana was attacked for making obvious statements.

Best album? It’s time to trim back the attack dog fans and stop kicking most Americans in the nuts if you want to get there. The era of trashing the police is tired. Everyone knows there are problems but now we are hurting, sometimes killing, our good officers.

That’s not the answer. And it ain’t best album material.

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