Trump Supporters Laugh at Republicants

Here is National Review’s anti-Obama issue:

Oh wait! That never happened. When Obama came into office, ISIS was a bum living next to a mosque in a shack.
Now, near the end of his two terms, seven years in, ISIS wields browning .50 cals and has 2000+ AM General Humvees.
But Trump gets the attack issue after a few months.

Republicans, if you would have fought the first four years of the Obama administration 1/10 as hard as you are fighting Trump now, you would be sailing along and defending the soft hitting policies of Mitt Romney and declaring Obama the new Jimmy Carter. Your leaders would even get to mold Obamacare in their image, something the Republican establishment seems to dream of. That’s why they never really fought it.

If Republicans would have put the same effort into defeating Obama they put into defeating border security,  Trump wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell running for President.

Now, all of a sudden, Republicans can yell at their more unruly voters who don’t want to be fed another milquetoast Nixon-Bushbot.

Suddenly republican journalists have the balls for a confrontation when they are taking on old country ladies and senior citizens.

On recent blogger genius wrote a sophomoric piece telling Trump supporters “how it really is.” It was filled with crybaby college kid lingo and the fact that he felt compelled to write it tells every Trump supporter “how it really is.”

Trump is kicking your asses.

All at the same time.

Name the camp of repli-cant milquetoast you support and Trump is kicking their ass.

You got a preacher who’s ground game captain cheated in Iowa ans was not fired. Later, a “communications expert” uploaded a YouTube video of Marco Rubio allegedly denigrating the bible. How is this guy a communications expert? Candidate Prophet Returned had to fire him to save his image of… only cheating that other time?

The other characters are all over the map, sometimes reaching off the map into other countries to drag new folks in. One guy up there keeps talking about how good of a democrat draw he is and it’s no coincidence he is supported by Ron Burkle, the man who raised $10 million dollars for the Clinton. And why is Kasich not getting any heat for this?

How about the young guy who wants amnesty so bad he has the establishment willing to dump Bush for him. Some republicant blogger is going to sell us that “it will be different this time.” They are half-right.

It will be different this time.

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